Do you feel like you’ve tried everything – consultants, hours of research, multiple platforms – but you’re still not sure if your marketing works?

One of the mistakes we see most often with clients is in their messaging. You might see the symptoms … lack of engagement on your posts, low lead volume, or getting the same questions over and over again. The problem is likely that your voice or brand message does not align with that of your target audience.

Messaging can be a key factor in making your brand stand out, but your customer has to connect to it easily. Consumers care about your story, what you stand for as a brand, and not only what you’re selling. It’s important you are speaking in a way that your audience understands. Is your language too technical? Filled with industry jargon? Too formal for the channel you are in? Your words. can, in fact, be the deciding factor between choosing you vs. your competition.

Performing a brand audit will allow you to evaluate if your brand voice is clear, strong, and something your target customer understands. That’s the beginning of truly understanding your audience.

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