Marketing & Patient Experience Strategy

Leveraging our marketing and operational experience with health care clinics, systems, hospitals and insurers, we will help you examine your target market, your competitive position, brand strength, messaging and patient experience to inform a smarter strategy. This deep dive will inform your brand messaging and pillars, will provide specific insights into smarter marketing and will outline the strategy needed to drive the right volume. Let us help you market smart.

Provider Branding Academy

Your brand is so much more than a logo mark (but we can help you with that too). Your brand encompasses your look, your story, the promise you are making to your customers and how that is expressed across all channels. From start ups, to legacy businesses, to merging brands after M & A, we can help you ensure your brand is fresh, relevant and engaging. We create a strategy and content that tells your unique story and keeps you present before your customers and target audiences. Let’s talk about your needs today.

Digital Presence and Online Marketing

Earning attention and trust gives our businesses the opportunity to keep doing what we are passionate about. We can evaluate your healthcare assets and make sure that your brand story is reflected across all channels and then help position you well and that you are capturing the attention of the right audiences. Let’s get started today.

What our clients are saying

It was a blessing to have met Sally, Owner and Operator of Bossy Lady Consulting. She was so humble, knowledgeable, and willing to help in any way she could. She has a gift and a passion for her business and truly looks out for the best of the company she is working with. Not only was Sally experienced with many years in the marketing industry she was results-driven at a price we could afford. 

Read full letter here.

― Alcorn Pump & Water Filtration

Boss Lady consulting is a rockstar! She has helped me advertise my dog grooming business with her marketing strategy which has helped me get my business name out there and I am now a thriving small business owner. Many thanks Sally!

― Peak Dog Grooming

What a rock star you are and everybody knows it. Thank you for your amazing tenacity, vision and ability to take all of that creativity and turn it into service to our company, customers and staff.

It’s a great privilege to work with you!

―Leader of Fortune 500
health insurance company

Having Sally on your team, with her extensive knowledge of customer service, marketing and social media, is invaluable. Her ability to listen, and turn your needs into attainable action items with tangible results is priceless for the busy and distracted business owner. Let her take over what she is great at, so that this important aspect of your business you won’t have to fret over, and she will do great things for you.
― Laughing Goat Flower Farm

Need More Information?

We offer free consultations to listen and learn about your needs and see if we are the right fit to help you out. Connect today and we will schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

About Us

Creating patient volume and driving patient satisfaction for your healthcare business or clinic!

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

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