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Episode 97 : Everything is connected with Sally Mildren

In this episode, Emily interviews Sally Mildren, CEO of Boss Lady Consulting. Sally serves small and medium businesses with Customer Experience, Brand and Culture amplification.

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Episode: A change management offer you can’t refuse

Sally joins the show with host Rob Dwyer to discuss how Change Management affects Customer Experience (CX) and how to humanize change efforts.

CX-Wise by Sprinklr

Episode 4: What raising goats taught Sally Mildren about human-centered CX

In this episode of CX-WISE,  host Nathan Bennett engages in a thought-provoking conversation with CX and Healthcare Strategist, Sally Mildren.

Bring Your Own Chair

Episode 2: CX is not a solo sport

Join host Sally Mildren and our CX Accelerator Chief Learning Advisor, Jenny Dempsey for an awesome conversation on how CX professionals both engage in meaningful community and create meaningful community through this work.

Bring Your Own Chair

Episode 3: Grow your CX career without losing yourself

Join the incredible Karin Hurt for six key #leadership principles and a LIVE “Asking for a friend” segment with a CX Accelerator community member!


Bring Your Own Chair

Episode 4: Creating a case for customer experience

Join Mary Carter for an extremely helpful and practical discussion on how to build a compelling case for Customer Experience as a leader inside of an organization. 

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