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Leveraging our decades of executive leadership and experience across industries, we help you create a strategy for your business and teams that is aligned, powerful, and effective.

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"Boss Lady Consulting dove in, quickly understood our business and applied market expertise to help us define an appropriate strategy. Once the strategy was defined, Boss Lady leveraged their extensive network to support the implementation of that strategy. It’s as if they provided the flight plan, the plane, and a good pilot to finally get us off ground. Within a matter of months, we have seen double to triple year-over-year growth and expect that trend to continue. Partnering with Boss Lady Consulting has been, without a doubt, the best decision we’ve made for our company."
Sarah K.

Check out our marketing strategies in action:

Alcorn Pump & Water Filtration

Re-establish in a new geography (for a brand we built from scratch) and support active and immediate engagement in a new state.

Advise and manage vendor relationships, advertising placements, and messaging that aligned to new market and consumers.

Set up new customer experience automation to enable better service and faster response times, thus capturing more new clients.

Managing and optimizing their online and traditional advertising and content strategies to maximize impact of marketing spend.

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