Increasing growth and retention by redefining the Patient & Customer Experience in healthcare.

Our expert team of marketing, customer experience (CX) and operations leaders help healthcare businesses, provider practices, and insurers grow through improved CX, strong branding, culture, and employee engagement.

What do we offer?

Brand Growth & Impact

Learn the power of your brand through competitive positioning, messaging, voice, placement and implementation with our D.R.O.P.TM method.

Perfect if you’re stuck or need more growth.

Customer Experience & Retention

Addressing patient churn and retention starts with your customer experience.

We’ll help your team become experts on engagement, follow up and experience!

“Boss Lady Consulting became like ‘Google Maps’ to us, showing us the exact directions to get where we needed to go with our business.”

CEO, Growing independent eaters

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Our agency team has a rich,
experienced background
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