Is your marketing working? Do you even know how or where to look?
Trying to launch a new product? Scale to the next level? Just need assurance your marketing dollars are delivering ROI?

If you need a little help making sure your marketing is working to grow your business, then this Brand Assessment package is for you. We do all the research and provide you a strategic plan that you can take and do yourself…or you can hire us to help with that too…many of our clients did!  



This deep-dive program conducts research to develop strategy, processes, and a plan for better Marketing success.

Our Brand Assessment Package Includes:

Deep dive research into your product, niche, geography, your customers
Competitive assessment
Review of your operational/sales process to make sure that’s working right
What you’re doing to date – how you’re showing up in the market
Consumer insights – what are they looking for? what are they saying?
Your goals, resources, readiness, budget
Your online presence and messaging
Then we develop a strategic proposal of our recommendations to help improve your marketing impact
And we give you the plan, messaging, and recommendations to implement it

Delivered in 4 weeks – for only $5555 (we are only booking 2 assessments per month)

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