Marketing Tip #6 for Small Businesses – Facebook Algorithms

Tip #6: Facebook Algorithms – Simply, you will see about the top 25 people you engage with online. A few tips (some from Jerry Potter online marketing guru):

1. Engagements are best in this order:
Shares > Comments > Clicks > Likes/Reaction

2. The first hour of your post is essential. If you get engagement within the first hour, Facebook will share your post to more people…same on paid – but for free. If the engagement is low or zero, it will not be shared. SO, if you are doing posts or paid posts especially, watch the early engagement and make changes if needed.

3. If people post on your content, reply to them, engage them back with a question. This is a way to improve your visibility with those folks on future posts.

4. Photos and Videos are important – don’t be afraid to use authentic photos you just took – sometimes the less formal photo is better. It doesn’t look like as much like an ad.

Marketing Tip #7 for Small Businesses – Time to Experiment

Marketing Tip#7 – It’s time to experiment!
Should you be using Social Media right now? ABSOLUTELY!

During these uncertain times, social media is your friend. Use it! Use it often to spread the word about your business – to be a salesperson for you. Let’s face it, right now you need sales, conversions, and business! If you’re an online or shopping business, you have got a captive audience bored at home – show them what you’ve got. If you are a retail or service business, educate on how to get your products. People are hungry to connect – use your social channels to be part of the solution.

Video is still the most powerful tool on social, so try it out – use your phone, it’s ok. People actually respond to the authenticity of a “real” video. Show some behind the scenes, give an update, talk about a cool new product, a new process, etc. Give it a try. If it’s working to drive calls, orders or more, then keep it up. If not, try again! The beauty of this time is we can experiment and find a way to promote your business!

If you have questions, drop them here, I’ll be happy to help!

Marketing Tip #8 for Small Businesses – Boost or No?

Tip #8: To boost or not to boost?

Two quick things to know about Facebook:

1) they own Instagram too so if you do run ads or boost posts, they can be served up on Instagram as well.

2) In a nut shell, the posts you do on your page (called organic content) will be to reach people who already follow you primarily. You keep your brand top of mind to your followers through organic content. (See previous tip on algorithms for advice).

But to reach NEW clients, boosting or advertising on Facebook and Instagram is how you would reach them. This, of course assumes you should be on FB for your business. Part of what we do is help you know the right places to be and not waste time or money in the wrong ones for your organization. That’s marketing smart!

Hit me with your questions below. ♥️

Marketing Tip #2 for Small Businesses – Check Your Story

Tip #2: Check Your Story.
On your website and the about sections of your social media pages, how is your brand story? Does it tell your WHY? Does it give an authentic peek at who you are and why this work matters to you? If not, maybe you can reflect a bit and update your story.

It’s also important to check right now for any language that is “tone deaf” to the situation at hand. For instance you won’t want to be promoting in person visits or other while we are on quarantine.

Consumers love to connect to brands that are authentic, that share common ideals and are approachable. So don’t be afraid to show your personality and tell a bit about you!

Marketing Tip #1 for Small Businesses – Take a Look at Your Brand in Photos

Tip #1. 📸📸How Does Your Brand Look in Photos?

Businesses and nonprofits,
I know things are hard right now. Things are slow for everyone. So, while there is a moment to breathe, I’m going to share some ideas on how to use this time to plan ahead or prepare for marketing.

Now is a great time to use this time to capture or organize photos of your product or business.

A. How current are the photos of your team, shop, storefront, products? If dated, get some new photos.

B. Are the photos of your product fresh?

If you are a retailer, maybe try mixing products in new ways (like thrift shops putting together outfits that are a copy cat of recent fashion trends).

Do a flat lay shoot of a product in multiple seasonal options (green for at Patrick’s, pastel for Easter, flowers for mother’s day), etc. Check out accounts online and copy their concept. Here is a friend who is great at flat lays for inspiration:@dianecorppettswhitepicketfence

C. If you are a service provider, take photos of your projects before and after. Get some good shots of your business or trucks. Maybe visit some old projects and show their status today (especially landscape, construction, etc.)

D. Check the photos on your social accounts and freshen them up with new stuff. That can help online viewers find you easier as well.

I’ll be posting ideas daily on how to make the most of this time, but if you have questions, shoot them my way!

Taking a Deeper Look at Your Market

In a recent meeting with a new client, they insisted they had to drive more business from a certain city near their home office. We assured them we would do the necessary research to make sure their marketing was driving the right business for them.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on

After some deep diving into the business, their leads, their acquisitions, closure rates, up sells and the regional background on customers, we discovered that the requested city was absolutely NOT where they should be spending their marketing dollars. Their business was targeting customers with more than double the HHI of the area and to sink a bunch of money into ads and promotions would be a waste of time and money. But we were able to identify some very targeted ways to reach more customers and drive volume to meet their needs.

But the bigger problem with this story? A previous consulting firm had changed every page of their website to say “Company name – city” in the meta data, page descriptions and loaded the name of that city throughout their site…literally changed about 80+ mentions of this city. It didn’t work….and the client had to pay to have all of that scrubbed out. In fact, it’s likely that loading the key words like that will have a negative impact on your site for Google besides.

We improved their Google rating 4% in a month and their leads went from “nearly no calls” to “more business than we can handle” after about 6 weeks. Now we are targeting in on a specific product line and growing that business line intentionally and strategically – through advertising, face-to-face, SEO, content marketing and by streamlining their business process for excellent follow up. This is why we love this field. It’s not just luck, it’s smart strategy to reach your clients.

How about you? Are you stumped on driving specific volume or traffic for your business? Not seeing the results you are hoping for? We would be happy to help you take a deep dive into your market, geography, set up and marketing and make some recommendations for you. Connect today and we will set up a free consultation to see if we are good fit!

The cost of getting the right help.

We bought our home less than a year ago and as fall began to color our landscape, we decided to hire a local heating business to service our HVAC system. After less than 10 minutes, the tech/owner found a part that was installed incorrectly on our heat pump and was starting to melt. We got the part ordered, replaced and before the weather got too cool, we were all set for winter.

black claw hammer on brown wooden plank
Photo by Pixabay on

I’m sure I could have figured it out, right?  YouTube has videos on everything. But I would have needed to bring myself up to speed on heat pumps, the parts, review many set ups, learn to identify every part and then maybe, but unlikely, I would have seen it. No, truth is, we probably wouldn’t have known until it broke or caught on fire. I’m glad we called a professional.

As a business or leader, it’s a no-brainer to get professional help for certain areas,  legal and tax for instance. Because the consequences are big and we don’t really understand all of that anyway. We completely trust those professionals and pay big money for that help (rightly so). But in other areas – strategic planning, marketing, branding – we figure it out ourselves and launch into a plan without a proper market analysis, customer and competitive assessment and without a true plan in place for what the work is going to deliver.  We figure that if we just put a logo on something, that’s our brand and we can set up a website and social media pages on our own and then put stuff out there to help get sales. But, the competition for attention and for your product is unlike any other time in history. If you don’t have a smart approach, you might just be spending money ineffectively and following the latest idea that may not be the right one for your business. Bottomline is this, there are big consequences and a lot of wasted money to just throwing your name out there without a strategy and plan in place.

Here’s the thing, you have an area of expertise (the core of your business – service, repair, sales, experience, events, etc.) right?  And you have learned a lot over the years – lessons, education, tricks, mistakes-turned-wisdom, so that in ten minutes you can see that something is not right. It’s the same way with marketing, branding and strategy. After years of lessons, experience, presentations, reading, conferences, case studies and work, we know what to look for.

Why create a wheel yourself, which will take 10 times longer and cost you far more, than get the experts to help you start with a solid strategic business plan that lays out the map for your business from the start? There is much more to developing a strong brand than a logo mark on a business card you ordered online. You need to map out a brand evolution that is sustainable and scalable. You need someone who understands your core business needs and drivers and then can ensure your marketing is as effective as it can be. That’s the stuff we do, the stuff we nerd out on knowing and studying and keeping up with. Sure, it’s an investment, but in the long run, you will be better off for it.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation and discuss your next project or need. If it seems like a good fit for us both, we’ll set up the next steps and begin our journey together.

You actually DON’T need to be everywhere.

It’s so tempting. As a clinician or clinic manager, you want to find that magic unicorn that will solve all of your problems and drive new customers to your doors.

So you open a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram page, a blog…but, here’s the deal – you don’t need to be everywhere. In fact, that can even hurt your business in the long run!

When you spread yourself too thin over multiple platforms, you might be diluting your impact, and not making the best use of your time. Marketing is not just “getting your business out there” – SMART marketing uses real data to evaluate how each channel works, how your efforts are performing and who they are reaching. This data will help you craft a careful plan, listing out both the platforms you need to be on to reach your target audience, as well as the ones you don’t need to be on.

To be really effective at marketing, be sure you are crystal clear on these four things:

  1. What is your primary business offering? Not a list of inventory, but WHAT do you do?  Focus in on the most important thing. What is your IT?
  2. Who needs this business offering? Who are you trying to draw to your store, to your product, service or event? This is your target audience.
  3. Where is your target audience?  If you are trying to reach older adults, you likely won’t need a Snapchat filter. But you also need to make sure you aren’t “over marketing” to your audience and landing in the “spam” category. There is a careful balance to reaching your target audience.
  4. What action do you want them to take today?  Make sure your messages, ads or invitations have a requested action. If you don’t have a specific action in mind, your ads will be nice, but will not drive to a lead or customer. Be really clear at what you want.

Time is essential, resources are tight, but that is why a smart strategy is essential. Make sure your efforts are effective, strategic and intentional.

Boss Lady consulting is expert at smart strategy.  We can help you review your marketing plan and create a toolkit for your business!  Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Making your marketing sparkle

Boss lady consulting

The average attention span today is 8 seconds. 

How can you possibly compete for donors, customers, leads, time, foot traffic or engagement when you have so little time to reach your audience? Today’s consumers are scrolling through information so quickly that it is harder and harder to reach them.

But that’s where we come in. We aren’t super heroes, but we do have a super power…creating intelligent marketing strategy. Not just action for the sake of action, but data supported, sound strategy that is demonstrated to reach your target audiences and get results. And the landscape is changing so quickly, it is harder than ever to know the right places to be.

Leads down? Business slow? New product on the horizon? Big campaign coming? Let us apply our nearly 20 years of expertise to your business and brand and help create some new sparkle to your strategy.

We are hosting free 30 minute consultations if you are interested to hear more.  Connect with us today – we look forward to helping your brand shine!