Exceptional Customer Experience is an Inside job

We’ve talked many times about how important customer experience is to overall business growth and profitability – and that is still true. The most profitable businesses are those that have the highest customer experience scores…without exception, in every industry. And although many things can impact the customer experience in an organization, research shows that the […]

Building Up Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged is no easy feat. It’s certainly not something you can work on once and call it a day; instead, it’s something you have to keep working and investing on month over month, year over year, in order to see the best results. It’s estimated that 50% of today’s workforce is actively looking […]

5 Ways To Increase Business Growth in 2022

Raise your hand if growing your business is one of your goals for 2022 🙋 But what does that look like for your specific business? Do you need more revenue? More customers? Need to improve retention? Are you launching a new product or service? Or maybe you’re wanting to drive more volume to a product […]

Four Key Factors of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be best described as the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels toward their job. This not only has an effect on how long employees stay within your company, but it also affects their performance at work, which can be directly tied to revenue growth and customer experience. I don’t know […]