Marketing Tip #6 for Small Businesses – Facebook Algorithms

Tip #6: Facebook Algorithms – Simply, you will see about the top 25 people you engage with online. A few tips (some from Jerry Potter online marketing guru): 1. Engagements are best in this order:Shares > Comments > Clicks > Likes/Reaction 2. The first hour of your post is essential. If you get engagement withinContinue reading “Marketing Tip #6 for Small Businesses – Facebook Algorithms”

Marketing Tip #7 for Small Businesses – Time to Experiment

Marketing Tip#7 – It’s time to experiment!Should you be using Social Media right now? ABSOLUTELY! During these uncertain times, social media is your friend. Use it! Use it often to spread the word about your business – to be a salesperson for you. Let’s face it, right now you need sales, conversions, and business! IfContinue reading “Marketing Tip #7 for Small Businesses – Time to Experiment”

Marketing Tip #8 for Small Businesses – Boost or No?

Tip #8: To boost or not to boost? Two quick things to know about Facebook: 1) they own Instagram too so if you do run ads or boost posts, they can be served up on Instagram as well. 2) In a nut shell, the posts you do on your page (called organic content) will beContinue reading “Marketing Tip #8 for Small Businesses – Boost or No?”

Marketing Tip #2 for Small Businesses – Check Your Story

Tip #2: Check Your Story.On your website and the about sections of your social media pages, how is your brand story? Does it tell your WHY? Does it give an authentic peek at who you are and why this work matters to you? If not, maybe you can reflect a bit and update your story.Continue reading “Marketing Tip #2 for Small Businesses – Check Your Story”

Marketing Tip #1 for Small Businesses – Take a Look at Your Brand in Photos

Tip #1. 📸📸How Does Your Brand Look in Photos? Businesses and nonprofits,I know things are hard right now. Things are slow for everyone. So, while there is a moment to breathe, I’m going to share some ideas on how to use this time to plan ahead or prepare for marketing. Now is a great time toContinue reading “Marketing Tip #1 for Small Businesses – Take a Look at Your Brand in Photos”

New Series for Small Businesses During Slow Seasons

If you’re a small business and impacted by COVID 19 during this season… I’m going to be sharing some tips on what you can be doing now to help your business. Join us on the blog or at Facebook for regular updates on how you can use this time to improve your marketing.

Event & Meeting Services

We love event planning. The details, the lists, the follow up, so we are excited to announce that Boss Lady Consulting has added an Event & Meeting Services division to support you. We are bringing years of experience planning and executing corporate, non-profit and business association meetings, rallies, events, receptions, training and fundraisers to you.Continue reading “Event & Meeting Services”

Taking a Deeper Look at Your Market

In a recent meeting with a new client, they insisted they had to drive more business from a certain city near their home office. We assured them we would do the necessary research to make sure their marketing was driving the right business for them. After some deep diving into the business, their leads, theirContinue reading “Taking a Deeper Look at Your Market”