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Boss Lady Consulting
Owner/Senior Consultant

Nice to meet you. I’m Sally, aka Boss Lady.

Brands are not just a logo mark. Your brand is your story. Your promise. Your brand is the essence of who you say you are to the customer and the expression of that brand is found in everything from your website, online channels, service follow through, your storytelling, and your forms and collateral. I help businesses ensure their end-to-end marketing is an expression of their brand purpose and that it is strategically designed to reach their unique and specific target.

I have worked for nearly two decades building brands for large organizations, Fortune 500 companies and non-profits. I have been a team of one and led teams of 100 – including marketing, community engagement, public relations, communications, sales, business development, customer service, call center management, and customer experience.

The “Boss Lady” title came from some of my staff, who are still friends today, and still call me Boss Lady. Seeing my clients succeed is thrilling and my highest goal, but mentoring others to succeed in this work is one of the greatest accomplishments of my career.

My Strengths and Focus

SMART STRATEGY – not just action for the sake of action but researched, data driven and informed strategy.

BRAND – much more than a logo mark, but the story, the promises, the problem you are solving, the way you talk about it and the action that proves it.

COMMUNICATIONS AND CONTENT – just listing your facts and programs does not work. Your story matters and should be a foundation for your content. Communications is a powerful tool to help make a difference for how and if customers engage. From healthcare to luxury vacations, complex, to simple, we have expertise to create a tone of voice and strategic message framework for your brand.

PLANNING – organized and intentional with an eye on insights to make sure it is effective and making a difference to the bottom line. Project management is my jam!

INNOVATION – I am possibility and growth minded. Times are changing, consumer preferences are changing, the same old approach does not fit anymore. I am willing to change, try something new, but am a pragmatist, so can keep it grounded in reality. I love a parallax.

CHANGE LEADERSHIP – focused on bringing value and building strong teams. Change management requires strategic communications, effective training and continuous improvement. I own it, collaborate, manage change and deliver results – on time and on budget.

My Experience

Owner/Senior Consultant – Marketing Agency
See agency portfolio of work here.
(2+ years)
I have focused on smaller businesses intentionally. I resist the idea of every client getting the same plan and approach (aka the ‘ol bag of tricks). Each one is different, each unique. My current client load ranges from services, to farmers, to resource providers, to churches. I have managed projects to rebrand organizations, to set up a new 501c3, to plan events, launch new products or establish a new business from scratch. Our agency provides end-to-end marketing, strategic planning, content strategy and design, writing, digital advertising, website, social, Google, SEM/SEO, media relations and community and brand messaging.

Marketing and Communications Leadership
(16 years)
From hospital non-profit to health care systems to health insurers, to lifestyle resorts, my experience in marketing and communications is deep and broad. My experience spans marketing, communications, employee engagement, provider relations, complaint resolution, public relations, sales, business development, customer service, call center, advertising and customer experience. In healthcare, I have built new brands, was integrally involved in designing and executing the launch for the Affordable Care Act and individual and family enrollment products, have worked with Medicaid and foster populations, low-income, specialty medical groups and varied cultural audiences and providers.

Scientific Communications and Marketing
(7 years)
From biotechnology and research to orthopaedic medicine, I have spent nearly a decade simplifying very complex scientific language and concepts to make them accessible to general audiences, media and investors/donors. With great success I have seen exceptional growth of products, demand, leads and volume.

Website Design and Content
E-commerce Builds

Writing Samples

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