Customer experience (CX) is not a solo sport. If you feel alone in developing a dynamic customer experience strategy, take a deep breath and pay attention to these helpful reminders.

Are any of you surfers? Or have you ever surfed?

When you’re out there in the middle of the ocean, on your stomach, feeling the water and waiting for the perfect wave to come – you feel alive. You feel strong. But maybe you also feel… a little… alone? Which, for some of us, is heaven on earth. (Introverts – we see you.) And even when there’s usually a community of surfers out there doing the exact same thing as you at the exact same time, everyone is riding solo.

When it comes to the world of customer experience, it sadly feels kind of similar.

And we say sadly because CX is not supposed to be a solo sport. It’s not about catching the wave alone; but about riding the tide of collaboration.

We’ve seen new leaders dive headfirst, eager to prove themselves – but end up paddling and paddling and never getting up on a wave. 

The true champions of CX take a different approach. They immerse themselves in the voice of the customer before crafting a purposeful strategy. They soak up knowledge, observe, and build relationships. They actively listen, ask the right questions, and show genuine interest in others’ needs. They know it’s about understanding the pulse of every corner of your business – from executives’ insights to the front-line realities.

So grab your surfboard and ride those waves of collaboration. None of us should be doing this thing alone.

For a deeper dive into key leadership tips for leading customer experience, here’s a more in-depth perspective from our Chief Boss Lady, Sally Mildren.  

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