“You’re just an intern.” 

“Just ask her to do it.” 

“It’s only part-time.”

These cruel and unfamiliar statements were never even a thought throughout my experience with Boss Lady Consulting. With this being my first internship as an early-20s post Communications graduate, I was a little nervous about dabbling in the world of marketing. My academic history and training have been exclusively in public relations, so I had quite a bit of learning. Not to mention I would be stepping on as BLC’s first intern and working remotely, something I’d not fully entered before. The odds seemed to be stacking up quickly. However, as the initial waves of Imposter Syndrome subsided, I was comforted by a welcoming team of six talented, knowledgeable, and positive professionals. My three months with Boss Lady Consulting have been nothing short of extraordinary

Let’s “talk shop,” shall we? As an intern, you start to wonder if it’s you who will be doing the virtual coffee runs, the meaningless filing, and the unending busy work that no one wants to do but just has to be done. I can tell you that throughout my time with the BLC team, I felt involved, informed, and “one of them” from the get-go. My day-to-day tasks flowed from blog writing (like this) to SEO analytics and updating metadata descriptions (thank you, Google). I found myself scrolling through trending TikTok and IG Reel audio clips and collaborating with my teammates for our next social post. Sometimes I was in front of the camera, dancing to marketing tips and tricks. 

Website creating, editing, and optimizing is something a marketing company needs to stay on top of daily, and BLC doesn’t stop. We are constantly checking our keywords, polishing our newsletters, and updating our competitive research. When it came to events, we covered every base necessary. From contacting local news outlets with a freshly written press release to curating a precise influencers guestlist, we made sure our clients knew even the micro details were accounted for. Don’t even get me started on the clients-just as humble, visionary, and direct as the BLC team themselves. A symbiotic relationship pushes life into the work produced and pulsates it into the world, which flows back into the brand and the health of the staff at BLC. It was beautiful to witness healthy, honest humankindness in action.

What I learned in my 90 days with Boss Lady Consulting that I won’t forget:

  1. I’m a valuable player.

Throughout monthly and weekly meetings, I was inspired and encouraged to put my best foot forward in my work, rest, and take care of my mental health. This kind of basic care and exceptional kindness is that which I’d never experienced in a workplace environment before.  

  1. Trust is built on truth.

I was pushed to grow the most in my daily work when I was tasked with something brand new and out of my comfort zone. I knew I could trust my team and ask for clarity when I needed help. They guided me to the proper resources and gently nudged me off the dock, and I trusted them and found that the view was better out there anyway.

  1. People are the lifeblood of success. 

Boss Lady Consulting values its clients and its team. I’ve seen how this company celebrates the wins while keeping the people at the center of success. They never lose sight of where the real growth comes from.

Written by Jenna Davis

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