Your digital real estate is your emailing list. Whether you are a small business owner or an avid online shopper, we all know that the secret golden ticket to establishing a consumer connection is through a personal email marketing list.

Say the Zuckerburgs, Dorseys, and Google teams decide they’re through,  they are packing up their meta desks and turning down the digital lights. A personal platform in the form of an email list is a critical space that can’t be taken from you. Not only does it give you a database of direct target audience members, but it can boost income and spread company voice and promotion. 

Some of the benefits of email marketing are:

  1. It makes building brand-customer relationships possible
  2. It’s cost-effective
  3. Produces high ROI
  4. You can personalize it
  5. You own your audience list
  6. You can get easier feedback
  7. It can drive website traffic
  8. You can automate tasks & save time
  9. Emails are easily shareable 
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4 Tips for Growth

Here are some tips for keeping your email marketing a list of loyal customers: 

1 – Show Your Personality 

The key to continual connection with your mailing list is centered around voice, tone, and your brand’s unique personality. Through sense of humor, tips and tricks, or even consistent color schemes, you have the freedom to showcase your personality. Find your voice and speak confidently from it! Experts from Courier wrote about tone of voice, stating that in order to know your voice, you need to know your audience’s voice first.

2 – Be Vulnerable

Showing vulnerability will keep your email list coming back and wanting more of your content. Show behind-the-scenes content of your team and how you do or make your service or product. Dig deep into your core values and explain why they are important to your business. People crave connection and will want to see the humanity of your brand. When authenticity is the name of the game, your marketing will become extraordinary.

3 – Be Relational

The relationship a brand brings from being true to its values and connecting with its audience will just feel good! Focus on your customers that have been around a while, making it known you appreciate their loyalty. Maybe even do a giveaway only open to your email subscribers to show that their relationship matters to you. Focusing on them will ensure they want to remain loyal to you. An impeccable customer experience (CX) is a surefire way to keep them returning. Check out our Client Case Study that shows how closing our client’s brand and CX gaps gave us incredible results.

4 – Be Credible 

Gaining the click of a new email subscriber means your news was credible enough for their inbox. However, you don’t want to lose their subscriber status by spamming them with useless content. Building your credibility is essential for keeping clients. Some ways to do this are by being consistent, showing your brand integrity, and bragging juuuust a little. You are an expert in your field, and you should own that. Where there is trust, there is a growing and sustainable relationship.

The ‘How-To’ Essentials

Research from customer relationships management (CRM) service Mailchimp detail that those who keep coming back for more can be accredited to surveys, proper integrations, and an easy mobile app with user-friendly sign-up forms.

Another key to keeping your audience’s attention is utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) keywords relevant to your brand’s services and audience’s needs. In order to stay on top of the trending keywords to get the most out of your email marketing efforts, it’s critical to use software like SEMrush. 

Lastly, don’t forget to answer your audience’s questions. Find ways to engage them and connect them to the data they are looking for. Data Axle said when speaking on the efficacy of email marketing, “Success is defined by customer engagement, not just pure revenue.” 

In order to increase click rate, authentic customer interaction, and bump up your revenue, try to follow the 5 T’s: 

  1. Tease – Use your subject line to hint at the email contents.
  2. Target – More personalized communication will take you farther.
  3. Teach – Share learning tips and tricks to engage with your audience.
  4. Test – Don’t be afraid to test multiple layout styles and plans.
  5. Track – Measure and follow your engagement consistently.

These tips are here to help you! We encourage you to take some of these resources and implement SEO keywords and personality into your email marketing this week.  Who knows…your extra effort might just be the golden ticket for your next subscriber.

Strapped for time? Need extra hands and eyes for your work? Just want to offload it all? “Yes” to any of these questions means you are not alone! If you still need help marketing in a way that is tailored to your audience,  Book your FREE strategy call with BossLady Consulting and let’s discuss how we can help you grow your business.

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