The Key to Powerful Brands and Exceptional Customer Experience Isn’t What you Think.

As a Director of Marketing, you manage the messaging, in person engagements, online feedback and complaints from customers and are continuously seeking to improve messaging. Especially in healthcare, where lack of understanding is a constant drum beat among consumers, my team and I worked hard at being responsive to consumer needs.

It wasn’t until we made a fundamental shift to how feedback was tracked in our organization that we began to see the true issues.

If you’ve worked in health care, you know that various areas get various feedback and everyone is busy jamming on their work and dealing with their own things. We have meetings together but don’t often get into the details of each other’s departments. In the case of customer experience and improving net promoter scores, that can have a very negative impact on your organization’s growth.

In marketing and outreach, we would get feedback from customers directly – both providers and members. So we would work on new videos, engaging content, new forms, materials, toolkits to train provider offices and members, we connected with partners who could help spread the word. Even the state officers for the insurance exchange took our materials, put their logo on it and distributed it exactly as designed across the state…they were that good. We were meeting a need – a big one – and having impact. But it was not fixing the resulting low NPS and satisfaction scores where they would say our communication was not effective.

For context, the satisfaction scores (NPS) and survey results were some of the lowest in the company. The intent to defect was more than 50%, the retention rate was dismal. Our growth began to stagnate as we could only add a few more than we lost each month. The problem was we weren’t looking at it correctly.

It wasn’t until we aggregated the inputs from all the teams into one correlation that we saw the top areas we needed to address. It’s easy to feel like you need to boil the ocean and do everything, but that dilutes your effectiveness. And I will give you a hint, the same issues showed up for every audience – providers, members and…the piece often overlooked, the employees.

The missing piece that most people overlook in pursuing Customer Experience growth is employee engagement and culture. I can tell you from experience that employee engagement and culture are the foundation of an effective Customer Experience. We’ll talk more about that in our next posts.

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