The Little Things Aren’t so Little.

As a business owner, growth is a constant goal. There’s a gratefulness for the success to date, but there’s always a push for more growth or a vision for the next great thing. It’s part of what being an entrepreneur means. You dream big goals and push toward them.

Growth has come quickly for Boss Lady Consulting and we are so grateful. It’s an honor to be trusted to help businesses succeed – to help them realize and obtain their extraordinary possibilities. And it’s a thrill to see them soar and succeed. We love what we do!

But in the rapid growth, in our attempt to fulfill our work and meet our clients goals, we got distracted and drifted a bit from the daily foundational practices that will ensure a steady stream of client leads and opportunities are always in the pipeline. Even a few days of slip can have an impact.

Because as a CEO, my job is to look ahead 3-4 months and as my mentor says, be sure we are doing TODAY what will get us where we need to be then. That means that even one day of slip can have an impact. The little things add up!

In Matthew 25, Jesus talks about the parable of the talents. If you don’t know it, the story roughly goes like this. A rich owner gave some money to three people and asked them to watch over it while he was gone. Two of them took the amounts they were given and invested them and made 2x and the third was afraid and buried it, returning exactly what was given to him. The two that earned gain were told, “you were faithful with little, now I will give you much more.” The third, not such a great ending for him. But the point stood out to me in the business context….and I don’t believe it just applies to money.

Being faithful in the little things – in the foundational things that are put before you – are the very preparation you require so you will be ready to handle the big things.

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