To Do Patient Experience Well, You Have to Burn the Ships

To “burn the ships” was a way to remove any possible path to return back to the way you came, the way things were before. It was a visible way to demonstrate that the leaders were all in with the crew on the new journey.

Businesses talk a lot about customer or patient experience and putting the patient at the center of the care experience. Success will require this of you as a leader.

I’ve seen many ships set off for the new destination, the crew gets on board and begins the work to rebuild the policies, processes, communications…and the leaders sneak back to the ship and try to turn it around, try to “go back” to where they were before. They didn’t burn the ship, they didn’t 100% commit to their new destination.

If your business or practice is stuck between here and there on patient experience or some other culture shifting initiative, maybe you haven’t really bought in. Maybe, as the leader, you need to burn the ships.

You can’t reach your future without a willingness to leave the past way of doing things behind and a focus on the horizon.

If you need help to plan your course, give us a call. Change and culture-shifting initiatives require clarity and smart strategy. We’re here to help.
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