A different normal – learning to do less, better.

The Covid-19 pandemic and current political tensions have not only impacted our personal lives, businesses and organizations across the globe, they have redefined how we will operate as a business. For those of you anxious to get back to “normal”, I have some bad news. I’m not so sure that world will exist again.

Customers have been changed, the way we do business has changed. For some of us, the way we view the world has shifted and that means as a business, we need to ensure we are moving with the changing world. Otherwise our marketing can fall flat and come across as tone deaf.

There are constant plays for your attention, everywhere we look. From billboards to digital ads, customers are inundated. The real asset we are seeking is attention. Customers can tell when you’re in it for them and they are looking for the companies who care about their needs. The days of just listing our great services and products are long gone. If Covid has revealed anything, it’s that customers want businesses to empathize with their needs and solve their problems for them. It’s the only way to to cut through the clutter and be heard.

Marketing great Seth Godin said in a recent conference presentation that the future belongs to those that can market and impact smaller, specific audiences. Meaning we need to overwhelm the smallest audience for our product and then let those customers spread the word about you. Bottom line, businesses can’t try to be everything to everyone. We need to focus in on who we are trying to reach and align our strategy, content, marketing and advertising to that specific niche audience. Godin calls this the “smallest viable audience”. In short, do less, but do it better.

Boss Lady Consulting has decades of experience in identifying key audiences, creating customer profiles and narrowing your efforts to the most effective content, at the right time and in the right place. Call us today to help evaluate, or create, a targeted strategic plan for your business, church or non-profit. We would love to help you make the most of your marketing budget and ensure you are getting better ROI with your budget. We look forward to connecting.

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