Marketing Tip #11 for Small Businesses – Event Marketing

Tip #11: Event Marketing
We have organized – for Fortune 500 to non-profits. From fundraisers to press briefings, product and company launches, community events, galas, music events, big activities, farm meals, fair booths, giant sponsorship events, and even smaller board retreats or meetings. The wonderful thing now is that there are SO many tools to help.

A few of my fav tools for events:
1. If you need to do tickets for your event, I love Simple Tix. It’s free to set up an account and you can customize it with your own logo, etc. It charges a small fee but delivers the tickets electronically (immediately) upon successful payment and the customer can use it on their phone or print it out. Best yet, it tracks all sales, tickets (and can add variances, so for meal selection for instance), quantity and more…. all in one report. It’s accessible by phone and computer to track and manage ticket sales, promote the event, etc. Check it out – worth the fees!

2. Facebook events are fine to get the word out but if you need to have an actual sale or commitment, they are not great as people can RSVP without any follow-through. The Facebook Events would be a great idea for open public events, fairs, swap meets, services, etc. that don’t require an exact count. It’s easy to set up, use and share on social.

3. Community Calendars – don’t forget the free resources – there are community calendars on most newspapers, radio, and TV sites. There are even some newspaper, TV and radio stations will make announcements for free, etc. Check out the calendar pages of your city and the local stations and take advantage of free publicity.

4. Facebook Community Pages – there is a page set up for every small town in the state. Post your event as appropriate (don’t forget to read the rules on the page first) and share that way.

5. Get creative and trade some promotion – if you have an event coming up – maybe a local coffee shop will let you hang posters and leave table tents for a month in exchange for promotion on your materials. Be creative instead of just asking for money sponsors. If you have partners working with you (i.e. a food truck), make sure they have some posters and event materials to share on their social accounts, in the window of the business and with customers between now and the time of your event.

6. Try something new – for one client, we needed to be seen by the staff of a business in a certain area that was pretty sparse in terms of businesses, billboards, etc. So we partnered with the closest local coffee stand and offered free coffee for the two hours up to their main shift. They let us provide stickers on every coffee cup, our banners outside and we promoted it on social media. We got a lot of attention, with the exact people we needed to reach for about $500….a lot less than the cost of an ad or billboard.

If you have a question or need help on an event idea, post your question below, we will be happy to help. Have fun!

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