Marketing Tip #10 for Small Businesses – Online Sales

Tip #10: Taking the Online Sales Leap?

So pre-COVID, consumer spending was up for products and services by more than 3%.

To survive, small businesses are getting creative and find themselves offering items for purchase online to be picked up, delivered or shipped. It’s a strange territory and a new path for many, but may be something that consumers could want to have available going forward.

It’s something to think about. And may be something worth asking consumers about while you’re in the middle of the situation now.

Diversifying your brick and mortar business into more channels going forward may not be such a bad idea anyway…if it makes sense.

Generating demand for items online is an art, but there are a few things may help drive action:
1. Great photos of product are essential – smart phones can do it but make sure you have good light.

2. Compel the customer’s action through great descriptions or photos that place them in the moment.

3. Free shipping if possible. The second highest reason for abandoned carts online is

shipping. Make it free shipping on orders over $25 or something if you can’t swing it on everything.

4. Create competition or moments – only one left, sales, special offers, etc. Test the audience.

5. Give an exceptional customer experience. Add a little handwritten note, a surprise, take a little extra time to make it special. Amazon doesn’t so that and it’s the little touches that can make it extra special.

There is a LOT of competition online but if you can swing it, it may be a nice addition to your offerings.

There are a lot of e-commerce sites to help if you’re interested. Leave a question below if you need help to identify what is right for your business.

Here’s a great article on online cart abandonment and offering free shipping.

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