Marketing Tip #7 for Small Businesses – Time to Experiment

Marketing Tip#7 – It’s time to experiment!
Should you be using Social Media right now? ABSOLUTELY!

During these uncertain times, social media is your friend. Use it! Use it often to spread the word about your business – to be a salesperson for you. Let’s face it, right now you need sales, conversions, and business! If you’re an online or shopping business, you have got a captive audience bored at home – show them what you’ve got. If you are a retail or service business, educate on how to get your products. People are hungry to connect – use your social channels to be part of the solution.

Video is still the most powerful tool on social, so try it out – use your phone, it’s ok. People actually respond to the authenticity of a “real” video. Show some behind the scenes, give an update, talk about a cool new product, a new process, etc. Give it a try. If it’s working to drive calls, orders or more, then keep it up. If not, try again! The beauty of this time is we can experiment and find a way to promote your business!

If you have questions, drop them here, I’ll be happy to help!

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