Marketing Tip #4 for Small Businesses – Create a Content Marketing Plan

Tip #4: Build a Content Marketing Plan.
To engage your audiences, you need to have relevant and helpful information on your channels. There are so many tools to help you.
1. Use a social media or holiday calendar like this one to help inspire post ideas or fun days to celebrate for your business. For instance, because Friday is #PuppyDay, if you’re a groomer or pet store, adoption site or dog walker, you can take advantage of the day to promote your services.

2. Use free and low cost tools to schedule your posts ahead. You can do them all at once so they post automatically during the week, or vacation, or when you are busy. If you need help finding tools or how to do that, drop a note below.

3. Use tools to help you design great looking posts so you capture attention. I have lots of ideas that are free or low cost, let me know what you’re thinking below and I’ll send some recommendations.

4. Make sure you include your brand. Your goal is to visually establish brand recognition and show your brand as informative, helpful, relevant, etc.
I have a content calendar planner template I use for my clients. If you’re interested, message me and I’ll email it over for free.
What help do you need? Post below. More content ideas tomorrow.

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