Marketing Tip #3 for Small Businesses – Review Your Goals and Strategy Now While It’s Slow

Tip #3: Review your goals/business strategy and figure out what can you do to make up for lost volume/revenue. Time to get creative!

Ask yourself, what are your goals? Review what you had planned (or if you didn’t, now is the time) and get creative on how to really beef up Q3/4 and holiday sales? Maybe you will plan a “Grand Post-quarantine Re-Opening” and have people in the shop for refreshments and relationship, shopping (or hair, or whatever). Invite other small businesses on your street to join in and make it a block party.

Maybe you can put some of your items for sale online (Facebook marketplace, a simple e-commerce site, etc.) or post some items for sale on FB, buyer picks up curbside., or delivery if you have staff who need something to do (check all regulatory/rules around delivery of your items.

Do a special right now on Gift Certificates – $20 for a $25 GC, collect credit card numbers over the phone and mail the GCs…that gives you money now and helps folks plan ahead for Christmas or birthdays.

Bundle deals – buy 2 get third free or whatever.

Do an outbound call campaign to schedule folks ahead for May or summer….while you have staff who need work, put them to work to fill the funnel for in a month or so.

Consider a special Thanksgiving event – thankful for a new perspective, every customer, etc. Let’s celebrate with a SOCIAL (people will be craving in-person gatherings) Something fun for the holidays.

If you have questions or need help, post below, I’m happy to help brainstorm with you! You can do this, I believe in you.

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