Marketing Tip #1 for Small Businesses – Take a Look at Your Brand in Photos

Tip #1. 📸📸How Does Your Brand Look in Photos?

Businesses and nonprofits,
I know things are hard right now. Things are slow for everyone. So, while there is a moment to breathe, I’m going to share some ideas on how to use this time to plan ahead or prepare for marketing.

Now is a great time to use this time to capture or organize photos of your product or business.

A. How current are the photos of your team, shop, storefront, products? If dated, get some new photos.

B. Are the photos of your product fresh?

If you are a retailer, maybe try mixing products in new ways (like thrift shops putting together outfits that are a copy cat of recent fashion trends).

Do a flat lay shoot of a product in multiple seasonal options (green for at Patrick’s, pastel for Easter, flowers for mother’s day), etc. Check out accounts online and copy their concept. Here is a friend who is great at flat lays for inspiration:@dianecorppettswhitepicketfence

C. If you are a service provider, take photos of your projects before and after. Get some good shots of your business or trucks. Maybe visit some old projects and show their status today (especially landscape, construction, etc.)

D. Check the photos on your social accounts and freshen them up with new stuff. That can help online viewers find you easier as well.

I’ll be posting ideas daily on how to make the most of this time, but if you have questions, shoot them my way!

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