Taking a Deeper Look at Your Market

In a recent meeting with a new client, they insisted they had to drive more business from a certain city near their home office. We assured them we would do the necessary research to make sure their marketing was driving the right business for them.

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After some deep diving into the business, their leads, their acquisitions, closure rates, up sells and the regional background on customers, we discovered that the requested city was absolutely NOT where they should be spending their marketing dollars. Their business was targeting customers with more than double the HHI of the area and to sink a bunch of money into ads and promotions would be a waste of time and money. But we were able to identify some very targeted ways to reach more customers and drive volume to meet their needs.

But the bigger problem with this story? A previous consulting firm had changed every page of their website to say “Company name – city” in the meta data, page descriptions and loaded the name of that city throughout their site…literally changed about 80+ mentions of this city. It didn’t work….and the client had to pay to have all of that scrubbed out. In fact, it’s likely that loading the key words like that will have a negative impact on your site for Google besides.

We improved their Google rating 4% in a month and their leads went from “nearly no calls” to “more business than we can handle” after about 6 weeks. Now we are targeting in on a specific product line and growing that business line intentionally and strategically – through advertising, face-to-face, SEO, content marketing and by streamlining their business process for excellent follow up. This is why we love this field. It’s not just luck, it’s smart strategy to reach your clients.

How about you? Are you stumped on driving specific volume or traffic for your business? Not seeing the results you are hoping for? We would be happy to help you take a deep dive into your market, geography, set up and marketing and make some recommendations for you. Connect today and we will set up a free consultation to see if we are good fit!

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